About Marti

marti joslyn

Marti Joslyn is an Animal Communicator and Shamanic Practitioner.  She has worked with animals all her life, in many different capacities.  She works with all types of animals from the domestic to the exotic. She has honed her skills as a compassionate and empowered communicator. From her many years of experience, Marti understands that all animals have information to communicate from their unique perspective. Marti's lifelong journey, respecting and understanding animal wisdom, is available to assist you.

Phone readings are available upon request. 

About Animal Communication

Animal communication occurs by intentionally establishing a psychic connection, for the purpose of facilitating understanding between an animal companion and his/her person. This can be done, with permission of person, whether the companion animal or pet is living or has passed on.
How long is a session?
Sessions vary time wise, usually taking about an hour - however the exchange takes as long as necessary.

Where are these sessions held?
Sessions can be done in person, when practical, but most of mine are done over the phone. I have appointment times available during the daytime, evenings and weekends.

Death and dying process

When an animal is in extreme pain, with poor prognosis, it can be out of our hands, so to speak, as far as helping the animal cross, via euthanasia.  When it is less evident, but impending, our animal, as well as wild animals, can help, by making the decision themselves. 

Right timing

Our companion animals can decide for themselves, in a conversation with you and me.  After our session, sometimes it is helpful to check back in with your animal family member, as end of life nears, which I offer at no extra charge.  End of life decisions, going into the death process, our animals have wisdom for us.