We worked with Marti after we lost our puppy for 4 days and weren’t sure if he was going to be found. We had put up signs and had gone on searches to no avail. Our session with Marti was beautiful and she has a natural gift communicating with animals. The next morning we had a phone call from someone saying they had spotted a small dog nearby. I ran outside and within minutes had found him.

Who can say how a miracle like this takes place. The only thing I know is that I would not have felt that I had done everything I could if I had not contacted Marti. The fact that he turned up no less than 10 hours later is amazing. For that reason i would recommend her incredible skills to anyone who had lost pet. Thank you Marti, from our whole family.
— ZF
Marti is an extraordinary world bridger, bringing the delicate energies from the unseen world into view on behalf of all our relations. During the last months of my Kitty Companion’s life, Marti made herself very available to help me and was able to tune in to Mayday’s physical and spiritual needs, then translate them for me in such a loving and compassionate way. I was feeling very sensitive during this time and Marti helped me to deepen into the dying process with Mayday. Marti is a wonderful Support and I highly recommend her work.
— La Laurrien, Portland
Any time I have ever had a problem or issue with my cat, I have gone to Marti for a session. She is able to speak with my cat to find the underlying concern and every time I have implemented what she discovered, my cat has become happier with a better quality of living and health. I highly recommend Marti for any and all animal communication needs.
— Inga, Seattle
Marti is a wonderfully gifted healer. She has an incredibly intuitive nature, especially when it comes to animal communication. She is able to connect with animals to help them through illness and suffering, and she translates messages between animals and humans so that we can understand and live side by side with each other in harmony. Marti is a bridgekeeper between the human and animal worlds. Her work is clearly guided by Spirit. Thank you, Marti!
— Chrissy, Seattle
Marti is an animal whisperer in the truest sense of the word. After sessions with her I feel more connected to my cat and have a clearer sense of all the things she wants to express that I don’t normally understand.
— Rebecca Farrar, San Francisco
I worked with Marti to help me speak with my missing cat, Tikka, after she mysteriously vanished one morning. Marti was so thoughtful and caring and went out of her way to check in with me throughout the process. She has such a keen sense of communicating and understanding that which many of us don’t hear or see and translated it in a way that was comprehensible. She was gentle, yet honest with me in the process and I learned so much. I highly recommend Marti to anyone who needs some assistance communicating with an animal in the physical or spiritual being.
— Ellen S, Calabasas